Revolutionary USDA Certified Biobased and Biodegradable System for Metalworking Industries

Technological innovations have enabled Cortec® Corporation to successfully replace hazardous synthetic chemicals with safe “green” alternatives. Thanks to committed research, study, and experimentation Cortec® produces ecologically safe corrosion control solutions whose performance has outgrown conventional rust preventatives. Not only are these bio-based environmentally safe alternatives functionally superior to conventional petroleum derived products but they make a far more economical solution.

Cortec® recently launched the production of its biobased and biodegradable coatings for corrosion protection in metalworking industries in Croatia. Cortec’s new system containing biobased yet efficient products are a safe alternative to hazardous petroleum derived products sold in EU by Fuchs, Castrol, BRANOpac, EXCOR, Bantleon, and others. This latest launch in Central Europe will make the whole system more accessible and cost efficient for European customers. Cortec’s clients will have ready to use products available immediately from warehouse in Split enabling time and money savings.

BioCorr® is a water based, ready to use formulation intended for preservation of metals in storage and during transportation. Formulated with renewable raw materials BioCorr® contains 64% biobased content. It provides multi-metal corrosion protection by combining film-forming additives with Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCIs). This biobased product not only has superior performance when compared to conventional rust preventatives, but also enables huge cost savings.

BioCorr® provides protection for up to two years of indoor storage or during shipments. Unlike rust preventative oils it leaves a dry film on the surface of the metal that is virtually undetectable. This feature helps to create a clean workplace and prevent material waste.

BioCorr® is used for protection of machines and equipment, pipes, flanges, gears, cast iron, sheets, and coils; and as temporary coating for storage and shipment. It will be available in quantities according to European Union Measure Standards. The product will be packaged in 5, 10, and 20 liter pails as well as 200 liter drums. It has received registered trademark approval from EU’s Office of Harmonization.
EcoLine® 3220 and EcoLine® 3690 are biobased and biodegradable coatings developed to replace traditional oil based rust preventatives eliminating expensive disposal costs associated with oils. They provide excellent corrosion protection while being environmentally safe and completely non-hazardous. Coatings conform to NACE Standard RP0487-2000.

EcoLine® 3220 is a canola-oil based, biodegradable, ready-to use temporary coating that offers a tenacious film which clings to metal surfaces, providing excellent contact corrosion protection in storage and shipment. It provides long lasting vapor corrosion inhibition, as well as great balance of corrosion protection and lubrication.

EcoLine® 3690 - offers an open-air corrosion protection as a safe replacement for more expensive polluting solvent based rust preventatives such as Tectyl and Cosmoline. Made from renewable materials and containing canola oil as a carrier, it has an excellent thermostability and no effect on rubber, plastics or paints. This coating is designed for marine and high humidity conditions.

EcoLine® Cleaner/Degreaser is soya-based product aimed for tough cleaning jobs in industrial and commercial applications. It can be used on all engineered metals and alloys. Unlike harmful or hazardous solvent cleaners, it is safe to handle, non-flammable, and has been certified as a USDA biobased product.

All products in Cortec’s biobased system are VOC, chromates, and nitrites free and conform to the highest environmental standards. Their biodegradable formulation enables eliminating expensive disposal costs associated with hazardous mineral oils and flammable solvents making them far more affordable solution for customers.

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