Zanders introduces natural grease-resistant paper

German speciality paper manufacturer Zanders has introduced a higher-density variant of its Zanbarrier NGR (natural grease resistant), a paper used to package food which acts a 100% natural barrier to oil and grease. The paper is made from virgin fibres and without the use of chemicals.

Zanders NGR is fully biodegradable, according to the company, and has an Industry Studies and Disposable Company (ISEGA) certification which certifies that the packaging is suitable to directly contact food.

The higher density material will open possibilities for food that requires oil and grease-resistance such as fast food, pizza, bread rolls, and food labels.

Zanders sales manager of food packaging said: “Excellent opacity combined with outstanding printing and converting properties allow any kind of processing from micro flute to lamination. The cellulose fibres are subjected to an incredibly intense grinding process over several refining stages. Treated in this way, the fibres form a tight, strong cross-linked sheet structure thus creating a fully natural barrier to oil and grease.

“Thanks to the exceptional quality, Zanbarrier NGR will play a similar role in flexible food packaging as Chromolux, for example, in the label paper market.”


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