DS Smith develops solid board packaging for anti-allergy kits

UK packaging company DS Smith has developed an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging for anti-allergy kits.

The packaging has been designed for a global pharmaceutical company, which specialises in allergy treatments.

The pharma company was looking for a sustainable alternative for the existing plastic packaging of the kits, which are delivered by post.

Anti-allergy treatment kits contain vials, syringes and leaflets customised for each patient.

DS Smith Rochechouart in France has proposed a one-piece solid board package solution that will hold the contents in place.

The packaging can be folded or mounted and the lid can be closed on the front side as the two side flaps can be folded inside the box.

In addition to being eco-friendly, the new packaging is user-friendly and occupies less space.

Pharmaceutical companies are required to comply with sustainability standards in areas such as recycling and reducing waste, replacing plastics with sustainable packaging alternatives and zero waste initiatives.

Plastic packaging is widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical devices market as it is convenient, cheap and prevents biohazards.

Last month, DS Smith partnered with packaging company Zeus to support paper coffee cup recycling in Ireland. The partners are planning to launch the first nationwide recycling infrastructure.


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