Sonoco joins 4evergreen and commits to sustainable packaging

Diversified consumer packaging company Sonoco has joined the international industry alliance 4evergreen and committed to sustainable packaging.

Launched and hosted by Confederation of European Pulp and Paper Industries (Cepi), 4evergreen was formed with a goal to create awareness among consumers about the benefits offered by fibre-based packaging materials.

Sonoco president and CEO Rob Teide said: “Our mission is to deliver breakthroughs that benefit the entire packaging industry and ultimately have a positive impact on people’s lives.

“Meeting these challenges requires a holistic approach to the entire product life cycle, which means reimagining the processes and technologies associated with packaging, the supply chain and consumer education.

“Working in collaboration with alliances like 4evergreen will allow us to unlock the enormous potential of fibre-based packaging with greater speed and efficiency.”

4evergreen was initially started as a forum to bring together industry members from fibre-based packaging and paper and board producers to packaging converters, brand owners and retailers, technology and material suppliers, waste sorters and collectors.

The alliance will help to improve environmental awareness and develop climate-friendly alternatives, including fibre-based packaging.

Cepi director-general Jori Ringman said: “Our industry already has a strong track record in environmental performance and recycling but our ambition is higher.

“We are driving a system-wide shift to transition to the next level of circularity and climate resilience. 4evergreen will be the place for the whole industry value chain to co-create and collaborate for a change.”

Nestlé, Danone, Mars, Stora Enso, Smurfit Kappa are among the other alliance members.

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