Nespresso and JD Logistics introduce doorstep recycling programme

Nestlé unit Nespresso has partnered with Chinese e-commerce company JD Logistics to introduce a new doorstep recycling service in China.

Leveraging JD’s nationwide in-house logistics network, the recycling programme will allow Nespresso’s Chinese customers to recycle their coffee capsules.

As part of the deal, JD has developed a new recycling page and included it into Nespresso’s WeChat mini-programme in order to support the recycling initiative.

Using the WeChat mini-programme, customers can arrange a JD courier to pick up their used coffee capsules on the same or next day.

The used Nespresso capsules will then be delivered to a nearby recycling facility in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, depending on the location of the customer.

After receiving the capsules, Nespresso will separate the aluminium from them and will use it to manufacture gift products such as Nespresso branded knives. The used coffee grounds will serve as a fertiliser for the company’s eco-farm in Chongming Island, near Shanghai.

Nespresso Greater China business executive officer Alfonso Troisi said: “It’s a great honour to work with JD for this project. Sustainable development is Nespresso’s brand responsibility, as well as the core concept of our business strategy.

“With the support of JD’s premium in-house logistics network, we will be able to reach more consumers and recycle more than ever before. We believe that we can achieve 100% recycling capacity all over the world in 2020.”

In March, Nespresso partnered with the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) and Sims Municipal Recycling (SMR) to facilitate the recovery of aluminium coffee capsules for recycling.

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