Huhtamaki introduces blueloop flexible packaging range

Global food and drink packaging company Huhtamaki has introduced new recyclable flexible packaging range, blueloop.

Made using mono-material Polypropylene (PP), low-density polyethylene (PE) and paper, the blueloop solutions are suitable for coffee, snacks, dry food, personal care and other fast-moving consumer goods.

The company noted that the range also consists of paper-based solutions to replace plastic packaging.

Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging executive vice-president OIli Koponen said: “We are committed to offering recyclable solutions for all our flexible packaging product categories.

“Today, we have solutions available for several key categories and we will launch solutions for our most demanding applications soon.

“Huhtamaki blueloop builds on our strong global expertise and experience in flexible packaging manufacturing. We bring the solutions to market by working closely with our suppliers and customers.”

According to the company, blueloop solutions can be widely recycled.

Huhtamaki currently has a network of 78 manufacturing units and an additional 24 sales-only offices in 34 countries. It employs approximately 17,700 people.

Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging sustainability and strategic innovation director Michael Hahl said: “For Huhtamaki, blueloop is more than a product range, it is a learning and development platform.

“We engage with the full supply chain from resin providers to our customers and recyclers. Our closest focus is on product design and manufacturing.

“However, collecting, sorting and reusing the recycled material are all part of the blueloop perspective.”

In February, the food packaging firm unveiled sustainable paper straws in an effort to provide customers with a more sustainable option when consuming cold drinks.

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