Dunkin’ to introduce new product packaging across US restaurants

US coffee and bakery brand Dunkin’ Donuts is set to introduce new product packaging this month.

The company will introduce colourful cups, doughnut boxes, MUNCHKINS donut hole treat boxes, Box O’ Joe, and napkins at all restaurants across the country. The products will also be available in all US shops by the end of this month.

Dunkin’ US chief marketing officer Tony Weisman said: “Our new look represents both our heritage and our evolution as the brand that fuels optimism and keeps America running with great coffee, doughnuts and more.

“What better time than the start of a new year to bring our new look to our coffee cups and packaging, and introduce a new energy to our restaurants and our fans.”

The company has partnered with creative and branding agencies Jones Knowles Ritchie, BBDO New York, and Arc Worldwide to develop the new branding.

This move is part of the company’s plans, announced in September last year, to unveil a new brand identity in a move to “transform itself as the premier beverage-led, on-the-go brand.”

During the announcement, Dunkin’ noted that it will feature the new branding on its packaging, advertising, website and social media channels. It also mentioned that it has retained its pink and orange logo colours and font.

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