Taghleef buys Colombian BOPP films maker Biofilm

Taghleef Industries (Ti) has acquired Colombia-based maker of BOPP films, Biofilm.

Ti is a producer of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film.

Established in 1988, Biofilm offers BOPP films for flexible packaging, labels and industrial applications.

It opened a second manufacturing facility in Altamira, Mexico, in 2004, featuring multi-layer co-extrusion technology to produce films. The company currently has eight metallising chambers across its production facilities.

Ti Group CEO Detlef Schuhmann said: “Since its inception, Biofilm has created a high-performing business focused on exceptional quality, innovation and growth.

“We look forward to expanding our presence in Latin America and are especially excited to welcome their highly skilled and experienced workforce and to leverage their strong portfolio in metallised film and vacuum deposited barrier solutions.”

The deal will expand Ti’s presence as a supplier of BOPP films in Latin America and worldwide. It will also increase the company’s annual production capacity to over 500,000t.

There will be an addition of two Biofilm manufacturing sites in Cartagena, Colombia, and Altamira, Mexico, to Ti’s network, enabling the company to supply speciality films globally. Taghleef offer technical support to multinational and regional customers across six continents.

Taghleef currently operates manufacturing sites in the US, Canada, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, and Australia.

Headquartered in Dubai, Ti offers specialty films for packaging, labels, industrial, and graphic arts applications.

The company currently produces 500,000 metric tonnes of BOPP, CPP, and PLA films.

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