a2 Milk introduces fresh milk brand in Pure-Pak cartons

British firm a2 Milk has partnered with Crediton Dairy, a customer of Norwegian cartons producer Elopak, to introduce its fresh milk brand in 1l Pure-Pak cartons.

Crediton has produced the a2 Milk cartons leveraging Elopak ESL filling technology. The new packaging will replace the existing bottle packaging.

According to the company, the launch of cartons across the UK is beneficial in terms of the packaging and the product, and reflects its growth globally.

Crediton Dairy managing director Tim Smiddy said: “a2 Milk wanted to optimise the messaging of the product through the sustainability of the cartons, therefore they specified that all materials used must be sustainable with all renewable PE.

“This is the most value-added milk in cartons on the UK supermarket shelves and gives consumers more options and alternatives to standard cow’s milk.

“With consumers becoming more enlightened to packaging sustainability and its environmental impact, the new carton is responding to a rising expectation for more sustainable and recyclable packaging.”

More products in the dairy sector are expected to move away from plastic packaging to cartons.

Smiddy further added that the company worked in collaboration with Elopak to develop the sustainable cartons and for the launch of a2 Milk.

The partnership is also expected to continue for further expansion of the a2 Milk range in the UK.

The company claims that all a2 Milk products feature the A2 protein, sourced from farms in the North West, Shropshire and Cheshire.


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