Nestlé signs global commitment to tackle plastic waste

Food and beverage major Nestlé has signed The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment in a move to tackle environmental pollution caused by plastic waste.

The company has joined a coalition of leading businesses and governments who have already signed the commitment, which was introduced by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and UN Environment.

Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider said: “This Global Commitment is a step-change we urgently need in order to move from a linear to a circular economy.

“We want to act and lead by example. We will do our part to ensure that none of our packaging, including plastics, ends up in the natural environment.”

The move follows the company’s plan to switch to 100% recyclable or reusable packaging across its entire product range by 2025, which will minimise the impact of non-recyclable packaging on the environment.

To support the initiative, the company has unveiled various research and development projects such as the NaturAll Bottle Alliance aimed at developing 100% bio-based PET for its water business.

Nestlé will also support the development of the well-functioning collection, sorting and recycling schemes across its footprint.

The Global Commitment focuses on helping companies to reduce their plastic footprint, as well as encourage the reuse and recycling of plastic products.

Earlier this month, the company’s packaged water division, Nestlé Waters North America, signed an agreement with CarbonLITE to establish a third rPET plant in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, US.

The plant will help expand CarbonLITE’s US operations and Nestlé Waters’ use of recycled materials in its packaging.

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