BPF urges government to classify plastic sector workers as essential

The British Plastic Federation (BPF) has asked the UK Government to classify plastic sector employees as key workers during the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. ...

Collaborative European project develops antibacterial film based on essential oils

The European FLEXPOL project has developed an innovative antibacterial and antifungal plastic film using nanoencapsulated essential oils that it says is more eco-friendly than curr...

The demand for sterile and antiviral packaging amid Covid-19 panic

The coronavirus pandemic continues to rewrite the nature of global society in 2020, and with it the attitudes and behaviours of consumers now and for the foreseeable future. ...

Packaging provider Huhtamaki to integrate two business segments

Finland-based food packaging service provider Huhtamaki has revealed plans to integrate its two business segments, Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania and Fiber Packaging. ...

Cheese-packaging market to surpass US$5 billion mark by 2029

Demand for cheese packaging is set to account for a market value of over US$5 Bn towards the end of 2029. ...

Novartis recalls Sandimmune and Neoral blister packs in the US

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis has recalled some of its Sandimmune and Neoral blister packs in the US over a packaging issue. ...

Aptar rolls out anti-pathogenic food packaging solution

US-based Aptar Food and Beverage, a part of AptarGroup, has unveiled an anti-pathogenic packaging solution to protect fresh cut produce. ...

FDA updates cigarette packaging to highlight lesser-known risks

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a final rule that will require manufacturers to place new health warnings on cigarette packages and advertisements. ...

Coronavirus “can survive up to three days” on packaging: Study

A study released Friday has found that the coronavirus HCoV-19, which is causing the Covid-19 pandemic, can survive on packaging for between 24 hours and three days depending on th...

Stora Enso launches new cardboard packaging box for pellets

Finland-based pulp and paper firm Stora Enso has launched a new sustainable cardboard packaging box designed for pellets. ...


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