BBIA joins UK coalition to ban oxodegradable plastics

Bio-Based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA) is supporting a UK trade associations coalition’s call for a ban on oxodegradables. ...

Innovia launches new range of recyclable BOPP films

Innovia Films is launching Encore, a new family of recyclable BOPP films. According to the company, the range is manufactured from renewable non-food based raw materials, helping t...

Device uses light to detect bacteria in food, on location

If bacterially-tainted food is present in a store or kitchen, then the sooner that authorities know, the better. That's why scientists have created a device that detects harmful ba...

"Smart" sticker would let shoppers know if food hasn't been kept cold

If you're buying food that should have been kept cold right up until you took it off the shelf, it would certainly be good to know if it had actually reached room temperature at so...

Koehler NexPure®: Uncoated flexible packaging paper that fulfills consumer expectations

Speciality paper, fine paper, high-tech paper, flexible packaging paper: in summary, this is the portfolio of Koehler Paper Group. These products make Koehler a valued global partn...

International scientists propose eight elements to accelerate innovation in the food system

An international group of almost 50 scientists identified 75 emerging innovations and drew up eight action points to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and healthy food sys...

How is the pandemic affecting purchases of canned food around Europe?

Covid-19 has impacted consumer habits around the world, with many shoppers now having to deal with food shortages and delivery bottlenecks in order to feed themselves and their fam...

UPM reveals new wood-based biocomposite material

Finnish paper company UPM has developed a new biocomposite material made with “up to 100% renewable resources” that utilises waste from pulp production. ...

Mondi to build production lines for non-woven fabric and masks

Packaging and paper manufacturer Mondi has revealed plans to construct new production lines in its facility in Gronau, Germany. ...

Ecolean wins big at Australasian PIDA Awards

Global packaging producer Ecolean together with long-term Australian customer Bannister Downs Dairy received two gold awards at the 2020 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design ...


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