Europe’s flexible packaging market will be worth over €16 billion by 2023

Europe's flexible packaging market predicted to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 2% over the next five years ...

Henkel and ALPLA to add new packaging operation at Bowling Green site

German consumer goods firm Henkel is set to partner up with its packaging supplier ALPLA to invest $130 million in infrastructure and equipment at its Bowling Green facility in Ken...

DS Smith launches Loop Ready Packaging for retail

DS Smith Plastics has launched a new line of packaging options known as Loop Ready Packaging (LRP). LRPs are robust, re-usable, returnable, and fully recyclable packaging options t...

FDA proposes new health warnings on cigarette packages

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed a legislation that requires companies to feature new health warnings on cigarette packaging and in advertisements. ...

Sustainable Plastic Packaging is Possible

Bag-in-Box Example Rapak´s View on Trends, Challenges, Solutions and Open Questions ...

Green Alliance reports shift from plastic will also harm environment

A new study by UK-based independent think tank and charity Green Alliance has highlighted that the use of different materials instead of plastic will also cause different environme...

Sustainable Design Series 3 - Bamboo Tissues

Global creative agency Anthem Worldwide’s Benelux team are passionate about the role of design in creating more sustainable packaging solutions. Using insight driven design as a to...

Consumers sway towards non-plastic packaging on a global scale

Global consumers’ purchasing choices are influenced by the reduced plastic content of a product’s packaging, according to GlobalData’s consumer survey research from Q3 2018. ...

Tetra Pak introduces new holographic packaging in India

Tetra Pak has partnered with food and drink firm Hector Beverages to introduce its new holographic Tetra Pak Reflect packaging in India. ...

SIG to establish €180m packaging facility in Suzhou, China

Swiss aseptic packaging solutions provider SIG is set to build its second Chinese packaging facility with a €180m investment. ...


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